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In four short days, I'll be leaving for Las Vegas and RollerCon. Thousands of derby girls in Vegas. I'm not sure I can keep up with them.

I know I can't drink as much and I don't want to end up passing out early and getting a Sharpie tattoo on my face.

The teammates I'm going with are fun and easy going so I'm sure I'm going to have a blast. I picked up a cute, flapperish black dress for the Black & Blue Ball and I'm looking forward to seeing laperkins and the rest of the buffistae who are coming out.

The real trick will be hiding my credit card so I don't go nuts in the vendor area--too many things I want to buy!!!

Roller Derby

I realized I haven't included any information on my latest obsessionhobby: Roller Derby.

I joined a team The Mid-State Sisters of Skate over a year ago. I've been training and competed in three bouts. Haven't won one yet but really, the competition is tough.

Roller Derby is a DIY sport. The players DO EVERYTHING and running a league is no small task. There is an elected Board of Directors, committees and all the bullshit that goes with them. Besides actually learning to do derby--the rules, strategy and skating, we have to organize the events, market the bouts, get volunteers, refs, concessions and sell tickets and even lay the tape for the track!

I'm head of Public Relations and Sponsorship--which means I talk to the media and try to bring in money. Things I'm probably best suited for with my age and experience.

Physically, I'm not an athlete. Never have been. But derby makes me push myself like I never have before. And I like it. Approaching 41 on skates isn't easy. I'm a decent skater but I feel I may never have the derby skills to be a great player. It doesn't matter, though. I'll play until my knees give out and have fun doing it.

That feeling that you're always on the raggedy edge. Sleep, money, patience. There's never enough of anything. Knowing it's up to you to make due is tough.

I know it's mitigated by the ability to make your own decisions and the freedom to say "fuck it" when you need to but I'm driven by my responsibility to others in a way that I hadn't thought possible when it was just me.

I keep the whinging to a minimum because, hey, healthy, happy and safe, etc.

Updated Picspam

I can't get over how HUGE they've gotten.

Changing internet habits

Only two LJ posts in 2010. I haven't checked LJ in who knows how long. It's nice to know people are still posting here--it's more in depth than Facebook and more private than the b.org.

It's interesting to think how my posting habits have changed over the years and how many people I've lost contact with by NOT posting to LJ.

Facebook status updates just can't really compare to reading the more lengthy life changes that are happening every day.

Figured out what my problem is.

I'd rather be heading to D.C.


With Watch It Now streaming through the Wii, why haven't I upped for a new membership?

Christmas crazy


8:30 am: Got Owen on the bus
10:00 am: Hosted crafting playdate
12:50 pm: Dental appointment
2:00 pm: Came home and dropped Liv off with Christopher
3:00-5:30 pm: Shopped for 1) Toys for Tots 2) Volunteer Christmas party & family 3) Owen's special ed classroom 4) groceries 5) McDonald's gift cards
5:30 pm: Put away groceries
6:00 pm: Fed kids
7:00 pm: Made fleece lap blanket for Christmas gift
8:30 pm: Put kids in bed
9:30 pm: Filled out Christmas cards with gift cards
10:30 pm: Made cheesy potatoes for Christopher's carry-in


Thanks to amberlynne for the lovely snowflake!

surgery stuff

I am healing pretty well, it seems. The only thing really bothering me is the fact that I have two drainage tubes connected to collection bulbs stitched to me and pinned to my vest.

My incisions do not bother me at all--they cut around the areola and down underneath the breast. They are still sort of numb (due, I'm sure to loss of nerves). But they do not bother me at all. I feel like once they heal and the tissue settles into its new shape, I'll be super-happy with them.

I feel 10lbs lighter and I am already starting to love my new profile!

But these tubes have to fucking go. I hate them. They're hurting tonight--which woke me up. My appointment today should see their removal, since my drainage is slowing quickly.